Principal Investigators

Atomic Scale Simulations & Theoretical ModellingMaterials Growth and Atomic Scale ProcessingAdvanced Materials and Device CharacterisationMaterials Integration and Device FabricationDevice Integration

Michael Nolan (MNS) ALD/ALE Oxides Computational chemistry

Emanuele Pelucchi (Photonics) Photon qubits III-V quantum dot growth

Paul Hurley (MNS)
Multilevel memories & selector devices Elec. char. (III-V, 2D TMDs, oxides)

Gediminas Juska (Photonics) Photon quantum information Quantum optic

Liam O’Faolain (CAPPA) Integrated quantum photonics Nanophotonics

Philip Murphy (MNS)
Quantum state interactions Group IV alloys First-principles models

Ian Povey (MNS) Atomic/molecular processing CVD

Karim Cherkaoui (MNS)
MOS structures (III-V, high-k) Deep level Spectroscopy

Ray Duffy (MNS)
Quantum nanoelectronics 2D materials Doping effects

Stefan Schulz (Photonics) Optical properties Atomistic models

Lida Ansari (MNS) Semimetals 2D Materials Nano-electronics simulation

Lynette Keeney (MNS)
Ferroelectric/ multiferroic films Aurivillius phases

Mircea Modreanu (MNS)
Metal oxides RF electronics Thin-film & interface opt. spectroscop

Farzan Gity (MNS)
Low-dimensional effects Spintronics Semimetals

Brenda Long (UCC/MNS) Surface functionalisation Molecular doping

Scott Monaghan (MNS)
Engineering and electrical characterization (high-k, III-V, 2D); Hall Measurements

Nikolay Petkov (CAPPA) Nanofabrication Low-dimensional Semiconductors