PI Awards

  • Michael Nolan, Aoife Lucid: SFI Fellowship successful, accepted and confirmed start date 02/10/2023 for 24 months.
  • Emanuele Pelucchi :Award from SFI Frontiers for the Future programme; “Expanding” site-controlled quantum dot technology: photonic cavity toolkit development for quantum integration (Exquis)
  • IRC Postdoc, Anurag Pritam,  (Supervisor Lynette Keeney) “Room temperature multiferroicity in higher-layered homologues of Aurivillius films for sustainable data storage applications”
  • IRC Postdoc, Karl Ronnby,  (Supervisor Michael Nolan) “Control of interconnect metal morphology on complex substrates for 3D neuromorphic architectures”October 21st 2022
  • IRC PhD Fellowship, Michael Sweetman, (Supervisor Michael Nolan), “ Prediction of Metal Nucleation on 2D Materials”
  • Giorgos Fagas  :  SFI FFP Award SFI-21/FFP-A/9257- “Nanofabrication and advanced characterisations for GeSn   quantum devices”.
  • Ray Duffy: SFI FFP Award 21/FFP-A/9897  “Pulsed laser annealing of low temperature 2D semiconductors for large area applications in electronics using flexible substrates”  
  • Lynette Keeney was awarded an enhancement to her RS/ SFI University Research Fellowship for a Post-Doctoral Researcher
  • Sinan Bugu was awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Post-Doc Fellowship on Ge based Qubits.
  • Sinan Bugu: Awarded IRC Post-Doc Fellowship on Ge based Qubits, not taken.
  • Karim Cherkaoui : SFI  US-Ireland project ‘GUIDE’ (Ga2O3: Understanding growth, interfaces and defects to enable next generation electronics) in collaboration with UT Dallas
  • Lynette KeeneyRS/SFI University Research Fellowship ‘Making Memories: Ultra-thin Multiferroics for Disruptive Data Storage Technologies’
  • Philip Murphy ArmandoSFI FFP ‘Spin-related transport, optical and quantum properties in Ge’ 
  • Lynette Keeney/Michael Nolan – SFI FFP ‘Optimisation of Single Phase Room Temperature Multiferroic Materials Enabling Next Generation Data Storage’

Grand Challenges

Commercialization Awards

  • Philip Murphy won a UCC Sprint Disruptive Technology Award for an Ultra-Sensitive Nano Material for Minimal Invasive Surgery.

Infrastructure Awards

  • Lida Ansari – EuroHPC 2-year project for hybrid parallelization of QuantumATK code for nanoelectronics
  • Michael Nolan – secured 10 million CPU hours through ICHEC
  • Michael Nolan – secured 2.6 million CPU hours through PRACE DECI

Tyndall Catalyst Awards

  • Lynette Keeney  – project Via the Tyndall-OSU/IMR Catalyst Funding – Pilot Program, with the Centre for Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) at Ohio State University, USA.
  • Ray Duffy, Nikolay Petkov: ‘Silicon-based qubit devices and sensors’
  • Simone Varo, Michael Schmidt: ‘Coupling of non-classical light sources to compact photonic integrated packages for quantum information technologies’