• Ray Duffy: Invited Presentation, “Nanoelectronic materials and devices – why a multi-discipline approach matters “ at Imperial College London, UK.
  • Mircea Modreanu Invited Lecture “Sustainable Green Technologies for Smart Energy Harvesting” in Okayama University, Japan.
  • Mircea Modreanu :Talk at MRM2023/IUMRS-ICA2023 conference in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Giorgos Fagas presented the Actions of the National Strategy for Quantum Technologies during its launch to the National Advisory Forum.
  • Michael Nolan Invited Presentation “Surface Chemistry Driving Deposition and Etch Processes: a View from the Atomic Level” FAME Workshop on MOVPE (Organised by E. Pelucchi, ) July 13th 2023
  • Michael Nolan Invited Presentation at special joint ALD/ALE session “There’s no Place like a Surface: How Deposition and Etch Chemistry Depend on the Nature of the Surface” 2023 AVS ALDALE Conference, July 25th 2023
  • Ji Liu and Michael Nolan presentation “Chemistry of Plasma-Enhanced and Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal and Intermetallic Thin Films: The Role of Substrates and Reducing Agent”, 2023 AVS ALDALE Conference, July 26th 2023
  • Mircea Modreanu: Invited presentation “Emerging nanoscale materials for future generation of energy autonomous Internet of Thing devices” at IEEE CAS’2023 conference.
  • Michael Nolan invited presentation at EMRS Spring 2023, Symposium M Materials Engineering for Semiconductor Devices, May 29th 2023. Title “Modelling of Interfaces and Surface reactions“; Session Chair in this symposium
  • Michael Nolan presentation at EMRS Spring 2023, Symposium G Flexible Bioelectronics: A Rising Star for in situ Bioanalysis, May 30th 2023. Title “Molecular Layer Deposition of Flexible Hybrid Materials”
  • Michael Nolan invited presentation at EuroCVD2023/Baltic ALD. May 31st 2023. Title: “Mechanisms of atomic level processing from first principles simulations“; Session Chair in Session on Molecular Layer Deposition
  • Louise Colfer (supervisor Lynette Keeney):“Influence of Interfaces and Sub-Unit-Cell Defects on Multiferroic Properties of Aurivillius Phase Films” Electronic Materials and Applications (EMA) conference 2023 in Orlando, Florida, USA, 18 to 20 January 2023.
  • Debismita Dutta (supervisor Lynette Keeney): “Scanning probe microscopy investigations on the influence of chemical vapour deposition parameters on film surface topography and ferroelectric properties of bismuth titanate thin films”  Microscopy Society of Ireland symposium January 18 to 20 Feb 2023.
  • Lynette Keeney: “Scanning Probe Microscopy Investigations of Aurivillius Phase Ferroelectrics Synthesised on Mica Substrates” Microscopy Society of Ireland symposium January 18 to 20 Feb 2023.


  • Lynette Keeney: invited presentation MRS Fall Meeting, Symposium EQ08 Nov 29th , “Discoveries of “Hidden” Topologies Occurring Intrinsically Within a Multiferroic Matrix”.
  • Ray Duffy: Invited presentation,  HZDR Dresden NanoElectronics Seminar,  “Fabrication and electronic functionality in nano-structures and nano-films– a case study in doping strategies”.
  • Michael Nolan: Simulation of materials processing: towards design of new atomic and molecular layer deposition processes, Beilstein 2022 Symposium on Nanoinformatics, October 11 2022
  • Farzan Gity, Paul Hurley: Plenary Talk SISPAD 2022 conference, Sep 6-8, Granada, Spain, “Mono-material TMD-based heterostructures for nanoelectronics applications”
  • Lida Ansari, Paul Hurley: Invited Presentation SISPAD 2022 conference, Sep 6-8, Granada, Spain, “Semimetal-based TMDs for beyond CMOS
  • Lynette Keeney: Invited Presentation at DPG (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft), Condensed Matter Section, Regensburg, Germany 7 September 2022, “Optimisation and miniaturisation of naturally-layered multiferroic thin films
  • Ray Duffy: Invited Presentation at E-MRS Fall 2022 Symposium L, Sep 19-22, Warszawa, Poland,  “3D to 2D, Traditional and New Doping Challenges at the Nanoscale”.
  • Paul Hurley: Invited Presentation, EMRS Fall 2022 Symposium R, Sep 19-22, Warszawa, Poland, “Electrically Active Defects in MOS Systems and Their Relevance to Quantum Computation
  • Felipe Murphy-Armando:  Invited Presentation at 19th Conference on Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology (GADEST-19), Sep 10-16, Schlosshotel Mondsee, Austria, “Direct-gap light-emission from extended point defects in Germanium
  • Ivana Savic: “Electron-phonon coupling in thermoelectric materials and topological insulators” Invited talk at Psi-k conference (the largest conference in the electronic structure community), Lausanne, Switzerland, August 31, 2022
  • Ivana Savić  [Invited presentation] :“Lattice thermal transport near the ferroelectric phase transition in GeTe”, ICTP Workshop on Recent Progress in Thermal Transport Theory and Experiments, May 31, 2022, online.
  • Emanuele Pelucchi and Giorgos Fagas [Invited presentation]: “The potential and global outlook of Integrated Photonics for Quantum Technologies” at IRDS-SiNANO workshop on the Future of Computing and Storage, May 17-18, 2022, Udine, Italy
  • Emanuele Pelucchi [Invited]: “Tyndall’s quantum quest: Qcec, from fundamentals to quantum systems”; EQUITY quantum workshop (Dublin)
  • Giorgos Fagas [Invited]: “National Advisory Forum for Quantum Technologies Overview”; EQUITY quantum workshop (Dublin)
  • Louise Colfer (PhD supervised by Lynette Keeney) : “Making Memories – Investigations of Naturally-Layered Multiferroic Materials for Future Memory Storage Applications“ at the SINANO EID Event, The Future of Computing and Storage Workshop on May 17-18, 2022, Udine, Italy 
  • Lynette Keeney: “Probing the influence of defects and interfaces on the multiferroic behavior of layered Aurivillius phase thin films”, Electronic Materials and Applications 2022, American Ceramic Society conference (due to be in Orlando, Florida but took place on-line 19-21 Jan 2022).
  • Lynette Keeney: “Memories are made of this: My journey into the development of new multiferroic materials”, Invited virtual presentation 28 March 2022 for the Kerala State Higher Education Council Government of Kerala Sponsored ERUDITE – SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE PROGRAMME. Bishop Moore College, Department of Chemistry, Mavelikara, India.
  • Michael Nolan: Invited talk on ALP modeling at the German ForLab Meeting 28-03-2022
  • Ivana Savić: “Influence of local symmetry on lattice dynamics of topological surface states”, Oral presentation at the American Physical Society March Meeting, Chicago, USA, March 15, 2022
  • Michael Nolan: Ji Liu, Rita Mullins and Arbresha Muriqi presented oral talks at the first Atomic Layer Processing Modelling Workshop, March 15/16 2022 (


  • Ivana Savić: “Electronic transport and vibrational coupling: introduction by session leader” Keynote presentation CECAM workshop on capturing anharmonic vibrational motion, December 7th, 2021, online

CMOS++ Activities at European Quantum Technologies Conference, EQTC 2021

  • Giorgos Fagas, Emanuele Pelucchi: Organising Committee European Quantum Technologies Conference EQTC 2021 
  • Luca Panarella, Eddie Kelly, Gioele Mirabelli, Ray Duffy, Giorgos Fagas, Michael Thompson, Jonathan Prance, Yuri Pashkin (Poster): “Characterisation of MoS2 field-effect transistors at milliKelvin temperatures“.
  • Francesco Mattana (Talk): “Towards the experimental realisation of a photonic cluster state with pyramidal site-controlled GaAs quantum dots“.
  • Iman Ranjbar Jahromi (Poster): “GaAs site-controlled Pyramidal quantum dots: enhancing dot reproducibility and controllability (hence scalability) for on-demand single and entangled photon emission“.  
  • Stefan Schulz (Talk):”Non-classical light emission from (In,Ga)N quantum dots: Atomistic analysis of the impact of alloy fluctuations on electronic and excitonic properties“.

  • Miika Mattinen, Farzan Gity, Emma Coleman, Ray Duffy, Joris Vonk, Marcel Verheijen, Erwin Kessels, Ageeth Bol , “Polycrystalline MoS2 Thin Films at 100 °C by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition”. Presentation at MRS Fall 2021 Symposium EQ20 – Beyond Graphene 2D Materials – Synthesis, Properties, and Device Applications
  • William Whelan-Curtin: (Invited Talk) Tight Focusing of Light using Metalenses’ at Photonics Ireland 2021.
  • Michael Nolan: Invited Live presentation at ALD/ALE2021, June 28th 2021, “Surface Chemistry of Deposition and Etch from First Principles Simulations”
  • Philip Murphy: Keynote presentation, Trajectory and outlook of Argentines in the Education Sector in Ireland, 17/6/21
  • Ray Duffy: Invited presentation at the 239th ECS conference (virtually). Symposium G01, “Doping Considerations for FinFET, Gate-All-Around, and Nanosheet Based Devices”
  • Ray Duffy, Lida Ansari, Farzan Gity and Paul Hurley presented a webinar on “2D materials research at Tyndall”, facilitated by the ASCENT+ project, 26/05/21
  • Giorgos Fagas: organized a workshop at EuroNanoForum21 on ‘Infrastructure Access Programmes’, also keynote speaker for ASCENT+.
  • Mircea Modreanu: Invited presentation for H2020 NANO-EH at EuroNanoForum 2021.