Dr. Ian Povey


Dr Ian Povey was awarded a PhD in Physical Chemistry by the University of Manchester (1992) for his work on “Spectroscopic studies of III/V semiconductor growth mechanisms”.  Since the he has explored aspects of both high-resolution spectroscopy and materials physics through research posts at Leicester University, the Physical Chemistry Institute, Zürich and Cambridge University. He currently heads the Advanced Materials and Surfaces Group at Tyndall National Institute, Cork, where he is Principal Researcher for Atomic Layer Processing.

His research group specialises in chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) of materials for electronics and energy applications. Specialising in instrument development and process control, materials properties, and elucidation of the mechanisms of materials growth.  Dr Povey has 3 patents and more than 200 Journal publications, resulting in an H index of 31 and > 3000 citations across the fields of materials growth and spectroscopy.