MOVPE of III-V materials

Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE, or MOCVD for others) is a well-established, industry-compatible, semiconductor crystal growth technique allowing for efficient and controllable material deposition. Wide range of semiconductor devices are commonly fabricated for a broad range of applications in photonics, electronics and related fields, due to the offered reproducibility, scalability and overall excellent control over the growth process.

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Figure 1: InGaAs metamorphic structures grown by MOVPE [1].

The EPN group supports the national effort in the development of novel III-V devices and their integration on photonic platforms. A broad variety of classical device structures have been developed and investigated, ranging from lasers and modulators to detectors for infrared wavelengths and solar cell structures, including nanostructure formation and control. In the process, new knowledge on surface incorporation dynamics was developed projecting the group at the forefront of MOVPE processes understanding. Novel metamorphic platforms on GaAs and InP were also developed, highlighting the relevance of surface instabilities and their control by surfactant and interface designs.


  1. Gocalinska, Agnieszka M., Marina Manganaro, and Emanuele Pelucchi. “Unexpected aspects of strain relaxation and compensation in InGaAs metamorphic structures grown by MOVPE.” Crystal Growth & Design 16.4 (2016): 2363-2370.